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Fans Pick EXO’s Baekhyun as the #1 ‘Genius Idol’

An idol, in fandom culture in South Korea, refers to a celebrity working in the field of K-pop, either as a member of a group or as a solo act. K-pop idols are characterized by the highly manufactured star system that they are produced by and debuted under, as well as their tendency to represent a hybridized convergence of visuals, music, fashion, dance, and music influenced by Western culture. They usually work for a mainstream entertainment agency and have undergone extensive training in dance, vocals, and foreign language. Idols maintain a carefully curated public image and social media presence and dedicate significant time and resources to building relationships with fans through concerts and meetups

EXO Baekhyun, idol life 'N' Voted 'Genius Type Idol' from fan love to stage performance!
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Hundreds of idols debut a year, but there are ‘genius-type’ idols who show excellent talent in ‘idol’ jobs. Idol Champ voted on the theme of “ Genius-type idol like N-th round of idol life ” for about 2 weeks from March 27 to April 11, and exo Baekhyun out of a total of 290,000 votes ranked first with 37.89% of votes Occupied.

The 8th year idol EXO Baekhyun is known as ‘Born to be idol’ and ‘genius idol’ as he has the skills to be equipped as an idol and actively communicates with fans. In fact, since fans have used Twitter a lot, we opened a personal Twitter, and we comment directly on the fans’ accounts and share the daily routine from the recording news. In particular, I often saw sightings reading fan letters on the plane, showing his constant fan love.
Baekhyun is known to have a good sense of dance and good choreography, despite the short duration of the trainee’s length of 6 months. EXO members once said that Baekhyun just memorizes everything by looking at it. On the actual stage, Baekhyun transforms like a different person to suit different concepts, and even if the song is the same, he performs different facial expressions according to the stage and costume.

Baekhyun also has a high influence as an idol. When Baekhyun appeared on the stage, the word ‘genius idol’ has since risen on Twitter’s real-time trend. In addition, the solo debut album, released in June last year, sold more than 550,000 copies and recorded the number one solo album record in 2019. On the 22nd, Baekhyun’s agency SM Entertainment revealed that “Baekhyun is preparing a solo album to be released at the end of May.”

Following Baekhyun, Ha Sung-woon was in second place with a 35.32% vote, unfortunately, followed by BTS ‘V, and Bigton’s Han Seung-woo. Meanwhile, Idol Champ is voting for idols that released a solo album in 2020 from April 16. Gangnam Station’s wide color subway advertisement was given to the top idol, and Kang Daniel, TVXQ Choi Kang-min, EXO Suho, and Kim Jae-hwan were nominated.

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