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‘Kingdom 2’ Ji-hoon Joo, Kim Eun-hee, the true king that Everyone fan wants in kdrama

kingdom season 2

As K-Content’s power grows, Netflix’s original series ‘Kingdom’ is exerting its influence. 
Recently, Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson said in a video interview with a famous American talk show that he watched ‘Kingdom’ with his children during social distance(COVID19).

‘Kingdom’ Season 2, which was released on March 13 through Netflix to more than 190 countries around the world, was well-received for more intense action than ever, Large and richer viewership, solid texture and amazing cinematography, and super acting skills of actors.

American economic journal Forbes adored the article “Netflix ‘Kingdom’ Season 2 once again outpaced ‘Walking Dead'”, and ‘Kingdom’ Season 2 is a freshness index on Rotten Tomato, 

The reason why Season 2 received a better evaluation than before was probably due to the deeper subject consciousness. In season 1, zombies, in the play, the existence and the cause of being called ‘life and death’, and the main characters 

who fall into a panic due to the unknown things that hit Joseon are included. There was also a criticism that it was a little boring to explain this and that.

However, in season 2, the protagonists who coped with the tragedy that had already happened were shining. In Season 1, a hidden story of a character that was not revealed, etc., was revealed, and it also gave a reversal.

Following the protagonist Lee Chang (Joo Ji-hoon) and his party who defeated the task given to them in a difficult journey, viewers felt exhilarating pleasure as if they were in the process.

In the last season, if people’s poverty and so on predominate, the most important thing in season 2 is ‘blood’. 

Life and death, a monster created by life and death, is sensitive to blood. 
However, it is not only life and death that follow this blood. 

Jo Hak-Joo (Ryu Seung-ryong) follows the lineage no matter what the country is. 

In the midst of the turmoil of life and death, bureaucrats risk their lives and take care of them. Jung-jeon (Hye-jun Kim) would rather be a monster if he could not continue his lineage.

Blood is as important to people in the palace as life and death.

However, Lee Chang has something more important than blood. Lee Chang says that this child is my brother and leaves the palace, knowing that Atomic (Kim Kang-hoon) is a child of his escort warrior Moo-young (Kim Sang-ho), 

that is, even a single drop of royal blood is not mixed. Yichang’s declaration, which inherited the blood of the royal family, made the child of Mooyoung a blood relative. 
It is a horse that can never be said if it is a blood chasing monster. Accordingly, Lee Chang is completed as a character with true humanity among the rising monsters. 

Writer Kim Eun-hee’s saying that ‘Kingdom’ is the growth period of Lee Chang is not wrong.

Writer Kim Eun-hee previously said that this season 2 will be a story about ‘bloodline’. Through the world of the epidemic, 

I thought ‘what is politics’, and through the device of life and ministry, I wanted to see the ideal and true politics, the politics that I wanted to see, and the king’s image that I wanted. The writer Kim Eun-hee wanted to see,

Is Kingdom Season 2 Is Worth Watching?

Yes, Netflix’s k drama kingdom 2 is worth watching.

What Is The Genre Of KingDom 2 Korean Drama?


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