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Korean Drama “Tale Of The Nine Tailed” Release Date & Full Cast

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Most Awaited  Fantasy  Korean Drama  Tale Of The Nine-Tailed” Release Date has been announced, Guys Are You Excited, So Let`s Wait Until 7 October, give them a vast opening.

Information & Summary Of Drama:-

A nine-tailed fox settles down in the city. A female television PD chases after the nine-tailed fox.

Tale Of the Nine Tale is Korean Fantasy Drama Series 2020, this drama is about a nine-tailed fox who lives in  mountains as a king, and fall in love with a human girl,
one day his belove found dead, and keep waiting for his beloved reincarnate. And got job in Human world .

History Relation 

Gumiho, or nine-tailed fox, is part of the Korean mythology (with similar fantastic creatures in Japan and China).
It is often a beautiful woman that seduces men to eat their liver.
There are various Korean dramas on this theme, and usually, it is a woman.

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IMDB Ratings: Not Yet/10

Title: Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

Other Title:  구미호뎐

Genres:  Action, Fantasy

Cast: ‎Lee DongWook, Jo BoAh, Kim Bum

First episode date: 7.October

Last episode date: 

Number of episodes: 16

Director: Kang ShinHyo

Writer: Han Woori



Channel: tvN

Official Poster


More Officially  Release Cast Look

tailed of the nine tailed

tale of the nine tailed

tale of the nine tailed

tale of the nine tailed

tale of the nine tailed

tale of the nine tailed

tale of the nine tailed

tale of the nine tailed

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