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The King in Love (Season 1) Audience Review 2017- 2020

Review By Asiankoreandramas Fans

The King in Love (Season 1)  Audience Review 2017- 2020

.”THE KING LOVES”….F I G H T I N G!!!!!!

"The King Loves" is the second best drama after "Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo", my most favourite kdrama of all times..Just like Rin-ah had once said to San..I myself too ....made many happy memories to rely on, to at least have something to hold onto cause I don't know, it may be the last time...It was a very interesting and equally inspiring sorta roller-coaster ride for me!..I never got bored watching this drama, not even once!...

This drama has always kept me on the edge of the seat!..I'm both happy and sad, but very much inspired!!!! Others opinion's may differ from mine but instead of complaining about the story if they'd just learn to enjoy it, appreciate it then I'm sure they'll understand better and will love it more than anything!...

Honestly speakin' I'm so touched by this drama cause it's just so precious to me and I'm honoured to have been able to watch it. The directors, producers, cast, crew all have worked very hard on this drama so I'd only request ya'll guys to give your love and support to this drama, It's indeed worth to watch!

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Review By chaitra 
A really well- written drama, the only reason the drama got low rating is because the king doesn't get the girl in the end but instead, another hero gets the heroine. This led people to give this drama a low rating, but I have to say it is not at all a sad ending drama, 

the drama main focus is about how a king comes to fall in love, and through the love, he learns how to be a king and how to value friendship. this drama is really romantic and mainly focuses on friendship between the two main heroes and even the side characters are also so well- written.

 I always hated those cliches drama where everyone is happy at the end, this drama doesn't do that, it is somewhat thought-provoking and the ending is really satisfying. It shows how well the king has grown and come to remove the sadness he has faced all his life and how his friends helped him overcome that sadness.
ps- the second lead hero is really awesome

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Review By  Najihah

Hi. The actual intention i watched this drama was because of Im Siwan. but then i changed my mind as Hong Jonghyun is a really great actor and he plays a big role in this drama. Wang Rin is always beside Eun San no matter in what situation. I totally agreed with the ending of this drama. 

I adore this drama writer so much for making such a good and memorable ending. So do watch this drama for those who havent watch this yet because no regret.

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This my second favorite K-drama after Moon Lovers which coincidentally both stars Hong Jong Hyun.I really like all the characters here especially Wang Rin's character. 

Though it may be a sad ending for others because the King did not get the girl in the end, if you will understand the story, you will know why Rin is a better choice for the girl and the girl really liked Rin since the beginning.

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Review By tenzin dhesel 
this drama is great and really loved yoona and jong hyun relationship and also there friendship and love triangle between the three people.i can watch more than once since it touched my heart and cant get bored even though i watch it again.lots of love to all the cast in 'THE KINGS LOVE'. tsaranghae :);)

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