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The World of the Married Korean Drama All episode Rating and First Impressions (Ongoing Drama)

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 The World of the Married 


The Korean drama The World of the Married tells the story of a woman named Ji Sun Woo played by Kim Hee Ae who works as a family doctor. He is married to Lee Tae O played by Park Hae Joon and now has a son. She was so happy and had everything including a successful career, but she was betrayed by her husband and others. Lee Tae O himself is a famous film director, he has an entertainment business with the support of his wife named Ji Sun Woo. Even so, he entered into a dangerous (terrible) relationship.

Complete Information of The World of the Married:

Title: The World of the Married

Other Title: 부부 의 세계

Genres: Drama, Family, Romance

Director: Mo Wan Il

Writer: Joo Hyun

Episode: 16

Showtimes: March 27 – May 16, 2020

Airtime: Friday and Saturday

Channel: jTBC

Date           Episode         Nielsen Korea (%)
2020-03-27     01                      6.260        
2020-03-28     02                      9.979        
2020-04-03     03                      11.882       
2020-04-04     04                      13.986       
2020-04-10     05                      14.676     
2020-04-11     06                      18.816    
2020-04-17     07                      18.501   
2020-04-18     08                      20.061     
2020-04-24     09
2020-04-25     10
2020-05-01     11
2020-05-02     12
2020-05-08     13
2020-05-09     14
2020-05-15     15
2020-05-16     16

Average        To Be Updated                         

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