True Beauty Episode 13 Eng SUb: Release Timing and Watch Online English

 True Beauty”  Episode  13  Release Date

True Beauty ep 12

True Beauty”  Episode 12 will release on 22 January 2021, at the time 22:50 time on TVn, or VIKI. , New episodes drop every Wednesday and Thursday on the streaming Website VIKI as well as on tvN.

Where to Watch True Beauty”  Episode 12 Online?-

You can watch True Beauty” in Episode 12 on Viki. You can also watch the episode on the VIKI App. Another way o watch you can watch the drama series On Korean Tv Network tvN at the above-mentioned time. 

Guys, Episode 11

And Ju-gyeong warmly embraces Su-ho’s pain, but her secret gets exposed?

 Suho’s pain. 

He suffered the most in seyeon’s death 

He was blaming himself and his father for what happened to seyeon. 

But in fact, it was all of his father’s doing. 

His father planned the bullying issue of seyeon to cover up his affair 

Suho lost his mother at a young age. He lived by himself and all of the things in his life feels empty. Jugyeong was the only one he had

Jugyeong makes him smile and make him happy. But jugyeong was focused on her insecurities they are in a relationship but it feels like they’re not he wants to tell the whole world that jugyeong is her girlfriend but jugyeong doesn’t her schoolmates want to know he was he’s the girlfriend.

Suho was there for everyone but no one is there for him

He saved jugyeong and helped seojun when his mother got hospitalized and he protected soojin from her father

but no one is there for him during his break down he was suffering alone and wen

True Beauty ep 12

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