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Watch : How to Buy a Friend Korean Drama All Episode Eng Sub , Where To Watch Online(Best High School Drama Of 2020)

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Korean Drama


Park Chan Hong is an ordinary high school student. He has a talent for writing and he gets pressured by his parents about his studies. Park Chan Hong doesn’t have any specific dreams. He is friends with Eom Se Yoon, who attends the same high school. She is popular at school. Meanwhile, Heo Dong Hyeok is a classmate with Park Chan Hong. Heo Dong Hyeok is not interested in studying and he works to pay for his living expenses. One day, Heo Dong Hyeok saves Park Chan-Hong from a school bully. To pay for his rent, Heo Dong Hyeok asks to borrow 300,000 won ($270 USD) from Park Chan Hong. Park Chan Hong lends him the money, but that money was supposed to pay for his private institute tuition fee. After school, Park Chan Hong now doesn’t have a place to go. He begins to spend time with Heo Dong Hyeok.

One day there was an incident of a school interruption and Heo Don rescued Park Chan Gong. Finally, to repay his kindness he asked for a loan of money to pay for his school fees. He also gave it but the money should have been paid for his private institute. Park Chan Hong had no place to live and started spending time with Heo Don Hyeok.

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Complete Information on How to Buy a Friend:

Title: How to Buy a Friend

Other Title: 계약 우정

Genres: Drama, Friendship, Mystery, Romance, School

Director: Yoo Young Eun

Author: Kwon Lead

Episode: 8

Showtimes: 6 April 2020 – 14 April 2020

Airtime: Monday and Tuesday

Channel: KBS2

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